Cocofields Boutique

cocofields boutique

Founder/Designer/Boss: Jacqui
Founded: 2016 in Melbourne, Australia
Company Size: 6 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Unique
A word from the designer: I think I’m pretty open about most things with my brand there are no secrets or surprises

Instagram: @cocofieldsboutique
Facebook: @cocofieldsboutique

Hissy Fit Clothing

Hissy Fit Clothing

Founder/Designer/Boss: Danielle
Founded: 2015 in Birmingham, UK
Company Size: 1 Employee & a group of part-time interns
One word that defines your brand: Empowering
A word from the designer: All our stock is designed & manufactured in house. I’m really passionate about keeping the brand as ethical as possible, whilst keeping pieces affordable enough for everyone to bag!

Shop: (discount code: festioutfitinspo)
Instagram: @hissyfitclothing
Twitter: @shophissyfit
Facebook: @hissyfitclothing
Tumblr: @hissyfitclothing