Founder/Designer/Boss: Alexandra
Founded: 2012, Glasgow, Scotland
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Sick
A word from the designer: I’d like my followers to know how much I’ve appreciated them over the years helping Staysick be popular for so many years and for understanding that it’s a small business that can only do so much but I’m working on changing that so everyone that wants some Stay-sick in their life will get exactly that!

Instagram: @xalex_stay_sickx

Team Kitty Koalition

team kitty koalition

Founder/Designer/Boss: Katie
Founded: 2013, Brooklyn, NY
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Fearless
A word from the designer: It’s about making a statement, adorning your body with pieces that make you feel unstoppable.

Instagram: @teamkittykoalition

Rave After Rave

rave after rave

Founder/Designer/Boss: Alyssa
Founded: 2018, San Diego, CA
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: SwiRLy
A word from the designer: I started my business from scratch and it was completely random for me. I want people to know that anything is really possible if you pour your heart into it. I design, hand-make, and run all operations on my own. I’m super stocked about growth & having a new employee on my team. I can’t wait to show my bbz what I have in store!

Instagram: @raveafterrave

Jade Clark

Founder/Designer/Boss: Jade
Founded: 2012, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: LOUD
A word from the designer: Even though I don’t have time to reply sometimes, I do read every single comment, DM and email!


Nasteski The Label

Founder/Designer/Boss: Anthea
Founded: 2012, Australia
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Statement
A word from the designer: Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to do what I love as a job.

Instagram: @nasteskifashion

Tasteful Girls

tasteful girls

Founder/Designer/Boss: Tara
Founded: 2016, Salt Lake City, UT
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Inspirational
A word from the designer: We started from nothing and are working our way up! I was just a young girl who was obsessed with fashion since I was little. Music festivals were the only place I ever felt like I belonged because I could express myself through my fashion and people there appreciated it. My passion for music & fashion led me to my dream of starting Tasteful Girls, and I had no idea how to start it! I asked my mom if she would help me, as she has been sewing since she was super young! She still makes all of our pieces to this day! It’s been a long journey, with failure and success, and me and my momma are only looking toward the future and growth! My main goal is to always inspire young woman like myself to follower their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem!

Shop: (use our code: FestiOutfitInspo for $$ off!)
Instagram: @tastefulgirls

The Lyte Couture

the lyte couture

Founder/Designer/Boss: KB
Founded: 2013, South Bend, Indiana
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Empowering
A word from the designer: The Lyte Couture is a one-woman business. We make everything by hand here in Indiana. Over the last year we have really expanded our brand and hopefully will be expanding our company with employees. Not only do we make festival wear, we have also done professional costumes for Electric Forest, Imagine Music Festival, Oregon Eclipse, and LIB! We also want to thank everyone who has supported this dream. Its been an amazing journey so far, and we can wait to see how we grow in the next five years.

Instagram: @thelytecouture
Twitter: @thelytecouture

Vida Kush

vida kush

Founder/Designer/Boss: Rhianna
Founded: 2011, Los Angeles, CA
Company Size: 10 Employees 
One word that defines your brand: Freedom
A word from the designer: We hand-make each piece with love. Our only mission is to create what we haven’t seen before, with physical items and visual presentations.

Instagram: @vidakush
Twitter: @vidakush
Facebook: @vidakush
Pinterest: @vidakush