east n west label

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Madison & Brittany
Founded: 2015, Los Angeles, CA
Company Size:  4 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Expressive
A word from the designer:   The company is owned and run by two sisters. Our pieces are not mass-produced like a lot of similar brands that use low wage sweatshops in China and even in Los Angeles. Everything is made in small batches to ensure great quality and exclusivity. Also, all of our teams/suppliers are owned by women- GIRL POWER!

Shop: www.eastnwestlabel.com
Instagram: @eastnwestlabel

Sparkl Fairy Couture

Sparkl Fashion

Founder/Designer/Boss:  G
Founded: 2014, Los Angeles, CA
Company Size: 9 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Iridescent
A word from the designer:   We are 100% made in LA and our goal is to inspire true self-expression through wearing the Sparkliest outfits in the universe.

Shop: www.sparklfashion.com
Instagram: @sparklfashion

Shimmy Shine Clothing

Shimmy Shine Clothing

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Kate
Founded: 2017, Exeter, England
Company Size: 4 Employees
One word that defines your brand: SASSY
A word from the designer:   We don’t think that a unique fashion should be expensive, and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to wear amazing clothes! Our aim is to make ethical handmade pieces without the large price tag so everyone can express their individuality.

Shop: www.shimmyshine.co.uk
Instagram: @shimmyshineclothing

WeirdBrain Creation

Weirdbrain Creation

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Nora
Founded: 2015, Paris, France
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Fantasy
A word from the designer:  Don’t be shy, WeirdBrain is made for everyone ! 🙂 My customers come from different backgrounds: some are ravers, others are more dark inclined, some come from the rap industry, others from the drag world, etc. WeirdBrain is eclectic and this is how I like to see my brand evolving. What you will find are mainly accessories made from PVC and synthetic leather, all designed and handmade by me at home.  My main goal is to make WeirdBrain a full-time job, meaning that I will have more time to make more stuff! Thanks to all who supports me in my dreams 💕

Shop: www.weirdbraincreation.com
Instagram: @weirdbrain_creation

Spvce Island

spvce island

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Makenna & Lila
Founded: 2016, Santa Cruz, CA
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: LIT
A word from the designer:  Wearable art inspired by music, friendship and the exploration of other dimensions 🌈 Space Island is originally known as Space Boots, custom hand-painted platform boots. By popular demand, we took it to the next level and expanded the collection by adding a unique variety of festival attire to accent the boots. We changed the name to Space Island, a one-stop-shop to the latest festival fashion. What makes us different from the rest? We specialize in custom order requests – so you can have something completely OG that no one else on the dance floor will have. We customize colors, patterns, and materials. Ask us about custom requests, we love a good challenge and they allow us to get creative. Dm or email us to start a custom order 💘 stay lit bitches

Shop: www.spvceisland.com
Instagram: @spvceisland

Jackalope Land


Founder/Designer/Boss:  Samanfah
Founded: 2017, California, UK & Asia
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Escapism
A word from the designer:  That we care about the planet! Especially in light of recent global events, I want people to THINK about where their clothes come from, and how it impacts the lives of others and our beautiful little planet. For every piece sold we plant 20 trees to offset our carbon emissions (which could be done with about 5-7 trees per item) and try to mend some of the damage the fashion industry is doing. We do this in the hopes that other brands might start doing the same! Start offsetting their carbon and using their businesses as a vehicle to better the world- together us small brands could make a massive impact if we do it right 😊❤️🤞🏼

Shop: www.jackalopeland.com
Instagram: @jackalopeland

Roxanna The Label

Roxanna The Label

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Roxanna
Founded: 2019, Wollongong, Australia
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Expressive
A word from the designer: As a self-taught designer, I have always made my own clothes on the side and after gaining much interest in my designs, I recently resigned from my full-time job in Marketing to pursue my dream and start my own business. Everything is both designed and made in house by hand.

Shop: www.roxanna.com.au
Instagram: @roxannathelabel