WeirdBrain Creation

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Nora
Founded: 2015, Paris, France
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Fantasy
A word from the designer:  Don’t be shy, WeirdBrain is made for everyone ! 🙂 My customers come from different backgrounds: some are ravers, others are more dark inclined, some come from the rap industry, others from the drag world, etc. WeirdBrain is eclectic and this is how I like to see my brand evolving. What you will find are mainly accessories made from PVC and synthetic leather, all designed and handmade by me at home.  My main goal is to make WeirdBrain a full-time job, meaning that I will have more time to make more stuff! Thanks to all who supports me in my dreams 💕

Instagram: @weirdbrain_creation

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