Jackalope Land

Founder/Designer/Boss:  Samanfah
Founded: 2017, California, UK & Asia
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Escapism
A word from the designer:  That we care about the planet! Especially in light of recent global events, I want people to THINK about where their clothes come from, and how it impacts the lives of others and our beautiful little planet. For every piece sold we plant 20 trees to offset our carbon emissions (which could be done with about 5-7 trees per item) and try to mend some of the damage the fashion industry is doing. We do this in the hopes that other brands might start doing the same! Start offsetting their carbon and using their businesses as a vehicle to better the world- together us small brands could make a massive impact if we do it right 😊❤️🤞🏼

Shop: www.jackalopeland.com
Instagram: @jackalopeland

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